FREIGHT trains will travel on the North-West Connection next month that will link Inland Rail to the interstate east-west line from Sydney to Perth.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack was in Parkes on August 30, to inspect the Inland Rail North-West Connection that will streamline freight movements across Australia.

“The North-West Connection is so important for our freight industry and we will see markedly improved travel times and enhanced capacity for multiple train movements up, down and along the intersecting network, which means, when Inland Rail is fully operational, more productive supply chains carrying our food, furnishings and resources across Australia,” Mr McCormack said.


“Inland Rail is already expanding the national freight network and the opening of this section will also create a much-needed link that improves access between the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Interstate railway line.”

While Inland Rail is a multi-year project, the build schedule allows for individual components to be released into the national network, providing incremental benefit as sections are completed.

The North-West Connection joins the existing Broken Hill Line to the existing rail track south of Henry Parkes Way with 5.3km of greenfield rail track, significantly increasing the efficiency of trains heading across Australia.