GLOBAL hydraulics business Enerpac is introducing to Australasia its new Super Lift hydraulic gantry models aimed at providing a higher lift capacity.

The new SL100 and SL200 gantries are to extend Enerpac’s Super Lift range that can lift loads from between 60 and 400 tonnes.

The SLs are part of Enerpac’s range of hydraulic gantries, including the SBL Series heavy duty boom lift, with capacities of up to 1100 tonnes and the MBL Series mega boom lift, with lifting heights over 12,000mm.


Hydraulic gantries are marketed as being both a safe and efficient way to lift and position heavy loads.

“With high lift capacities and accurate load positioning, the new SL gantry models are ideally suited to the transportation and installation of machinery and parts such as generators, transformers, compressors, vessels and infrastructure components,” said Enerpac Australasia regional sales manager Darryl Lange.

“When you consider Total Cost of Ownership, hydraulic gantries are a more cost-effective method than mobile cranes and are easier to mobilise and demobilise.”