A PRO-PALESTINE protest continued to disrupt operations at Victoria International Container Terminal on Tuesday.

A blockade aiming to stop Zim Ganges from being unloaded began at the terminal on Friday 19 January, continued over the weekend and into early this week.

Trade Unionists for Palestine, the group which organised the protest against the Israeli shipping line, said on Tuesday morning that the vessel was “still out to anchor 3 days after it was set to dock”.

A notification issued by VICT on Tuesday morning said landside operations would remain closed for another 24 hours, but a notice that evening indicated access to the terminal’s gates had been restored truck transactions could resume.

The notice also suggested Victoria Police still had a “significant presence” near the terminal.

Container Transport Alliance Australia director Neil Chambers said trucks were unable to access the terminal throughout Tuesday, prior to access being restored.

National media has reported that 10 people were arrested, including nine for trespass and one for criminal damage.

This story was updated on Tuesday evening to reflect the latest available information.

VICT has been contacted for comment.