INDUSTRIAL action at DP World Australia may be a harbinger of more trouble to come, Shipping Australia has warned.

In an opinion piece published online, the industry body said unions might be about to do what the pandemic could not in halting the movement of goods across the waterfront.

“That’s to shut down the waterfront and the flow of goods upon which all Australians rely,” the SAL statement read.


“At a time when global and national economies are reeling, at a time when Australians are being forced out of work, at a time when many people are struggling to find the money to keep a roof over their head and food on their plate, it is contemptible that unions are pushing to extract even greater work benefits.

“At a time of national emergency and disaster, merely threatening to endanger the supply chain upon which we all rely is highly worrying and unconscionable.”

Shipping Australia CEO Rod Nairn. Credit: Jim Wilson/DCN

Comment has been sought from the union.

“Shipping Australia calls upon the union leaders to exercise restraint and think further than their own personal gain,” Shipping Australia continued.

“This coordinated campaign would bring the Australian waterfront to its knees and would devastate ordinary Australian families.”

As reported in Daily Cargo News, other waterfront operators are also due to begin new rounds of enterprise bargaining, notably the Patrick EBA expired on 30 June.