Having read the article by Shipping Australia and understand that certain charges may apply for Terminal/Wharf Access, what is controversial in article is:

  • Comparison with road tolls – you can decide whether to use this road or not and bypass if necessary, this is not a comparison whatsoever.
  • Terminal access – the transport company has no control which terminal that they utilise/collect from, it is the shipping lines who contract the stevedores
  • Charges – the article indicates the transport company is the customer of the stevedore, how can this be the case when they have no control on who is the shipping line contract to unload their containers.
  • If charges for terminal access/Infrastructure are to apply then surely the stevedores should negotiate with their customer and not increase without discussion. This situation has never applied, the stevedores have no respect for transport companies, their so-called “client”, and increase charges at a whim.

If the shipping lines can negotiate their THC/PSC charges with stevedores why is it that the transport company cannot do the same? A shipping line can change stevedores, transport companies have their hands tied.

These charges are controversial and many logistics bodies are involved, yet nothing is being done to control increases

Geoff Hack,
managing director,
EES Shipping

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