LINX Port Services has announce the continuation of a partnership with Höegh Autoliners for another five years.

This relationship reflects what the parties say is “a positive track record” of service excellence.

LINX CCG chief commercial officer Chris Simpson said they were “extremely excited to continue our long-term and valued relationship with Höegh and we look forward to enhancing our services working with this highly successful shipping brand”.

Höegh Autoliners Oceania owners’ representative, Brendan Wallis said Höegh’s long relationship with LINX had allowed the company to continue to operate through a range of challenging environments.

“We have been working with LINX since our first vessels arrived in Australia and New Zealand, and their quality focus and reliable service has helped us grow our business together year on year,” Mr Wallis said.

“Stevedoring is such a crucial component to our service and I really look forward to continuing to work together.”