PROVIDING “timely and efficient” export and import declarations is the focus of A.P. Moller – Maersk’s new Ocean Customs Clearance platform.

Maersk is now providing the Customs Clearance online shipping management platform in seven European countries – Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and Spain – with the goal of expanding across the world by the end of 2019.

A company spokesperson said the digital solution was “unique to Maersk” and is expected to be expanded to Oceania, “but at this stage we don’t have a specific timeline for when this will take place”.

The shipping company is seeking to avoid delays in the international trade process that affect importers and exporters.


A.P. Moller – Maersk chief commercial officer Vincent Clerc said this new “one-stop-shop” allows for timely and efficient handling of export and import declarations for customers.

“The solution provides downstream benefits of full governance and compliance, eliminates the need to provide a quote as pricing is displayed online, saving three to five minutes per quote,” Mr Clerc said.

“In other words, it saves our customers time, money and headaches reducing the number of intermediaries they deal with from three or four to just one as well as paperwork which subsequently reduce the time spent on transactional procedures. Time saved they can then devote to grow their businesses.”

He said a good example was Germany where Maersk had piloted this Ocean and Customs Clearance shipping management platform for almost two years.

Robert Weber from the shipping department of German paper mill Neenah Gessner said the Maersk service was perfect for booking without contacting further operational departments.

“We prefer local language and we appreciate collaboration between the responsible departments within Maersk,” Mr Weber said. “Very welcome is the possibility to have all Customs House Brokerage documents uploaded on the internet platform.”