MIZZEN Group managing director Jon Charles says the integration of Maersk Spot into the Mizzen platform will be a boon for customers.

The integration, announced this week, allows Mizzenit.com customers to access rates on the Maersk Spot platform.

“Our freight forwarder customers can now access and book a Maersk spot rate and view offers alongside their contract rates and other shipment opportunities,” Mr Charles said.

“It is about helping our customers in making better procurement decisions and giving them product choice to meet their shipment needs.”


Maersk Line Australia general manager Nick Long said they were “very happy to expand our Maersk Spot offering to Mizzen and the Oceania customer base”.

“This is a further step towards offering an enhanced customer experience by meeting our customer’s demands through digital solutions, making business with us fast, easy and convenient,” Mr Long said.

“Mizzen already serves a customer base of progressive freight forwarders who procure their spot rates digitally and have realised the value of this way to transact.”

Mizzen Group chief product officer Darren Burden said Maersk was a digital leader and their new product “broadens the choice for customers beyond the traditional options, providing the booking certainty of a contract rate with the flexibility of the spot market”.

“By developing APIs carriers can distribute their rates to service a customer wherever they are online, on the carriers own website, third party platforms or directly into the ERP systems their customers use,” Mr Burden said.

“Rich operational data creates the ability for a customer to self-service twenty four seven.” The shipping industry is in the early stages of digitalisation and Maersk are showing the potential of a digital channel to improve the customer experience and operational effectiveness.