SUSTAINABLE development and protection of the Great Barrier Reef are the twin aims of the just-released Port of Townsville Master Plan.

Port of Townsville is listed as one of four priority ports recognised by the Queensland government as fundamental to the economic future growth of the region.

The final Master Plan has been prepared by the Department of Transport and Main Roads in collaboration with Townsville Port, Townsville City Council, state agencies and other stakeholders including community and environmental groups.

Port of Townsville chief executive Ranee Crosby said finalisation of the Master Plan was the result of long-term planning, consultation and environmental stewardship.


“We are acutely aware of our location, in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, and undertake a comprehensive range of environmental programs to ensure we continue to protect the environmental values of Cleveland Bay and surrounding areas,” Ms Crosby said.

“As the trade gateway for the North West Minerals Province, and the largest general cargo and container port in northern Australia, the Master Plan articulates our commitment to responsible stewardship of Port lands and waters.”

Master planning is said to align with other key port-related projects associated with the ongoing sustainable development of the port including the Port Expansion Project – Channel Upgrade Project, Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor and the Townsville City Deal.

The Master Plan is to be implemented by a port overlay – a regulatory document which implements the Master Plan that is given effect through existing development assessment and strategic planning processes undertaken by the Port, Townsville City Council and the Queensland Government.

The draft port overlay is open for public consultation from 4 November until 16 December. Details are available on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website