QUBE Energy says it is “delighted” to have been awarded the 2019 Australian Pipelines and Gas Association Safety Award for proprietary and innovative pipe lifting vacuum technology.

Qube, together with Vacuworx Australia, developed a multi-lift vacuum unit that can be operated remotely using wireless technology.

According to the company, the system “greatly minimises the risks involved and enables faster lift cycles when handling pipe from vessels, to vehicles and storage yards”.


“Additionally, this new technology eliminates the need for hooks, slings or chains and removes the need for an operator on the ground with tag lines or in vessels’ holds,” Qube stated.

Using this technology is said to create a “significantly safer environment for Qube employees”.

The award was presented to the Qube team of Leatrice Treharne and Anthony Wells by South Australian energy and mining minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP.