QUBE has received the last two locomotives in a new fleet built by Australian manufacturer UGL.

The handover completes the order of 20 new QL Class locomotives placed in February 2020.

The newest additions to the fleet feature Indigenous artwork by Wiradjuri artist Darren Charlwood.

Qube welcomed them with a traditional smoking ceremony held by Randall Briggs on Awabakal land, as part of a handover ceremony at Broadmeadows on 14 August.

Qube managing director Paul Digney said delivery of the new locos marked an exciting day for the company.

 “The new locos will support our growing steel and agricultural business, helping our customers, communities, industries and people to thrive,” he said.

“I am very proud that these new locos feature the artwork from Qube’s first Reconciliation Action Plan, which outlines how Qube will better work together with First Nations Australians to help close the gap and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

“Wrapping these locos in Darren’s artwork is a further demonstration of our commitment.

“I hope that they inspire people to think about what they can do in support of reconciliation as they move around the Qube network.”

The artwork, titled Yindyamarra, depicts the balance and interconnectedness that exists between people, the sea and the country.

“Because Qube has operations all over Australia, I thought it was important to show all of those connections from the ports dotted all around the coastline, to the inland rivers, and the roads and the rail networks that span the country,” Mr Charlwood said.

“I also included Indigenous trade routes to show how enduring those connections are,” he said.

“The white motifs on the ocean symbolise movement, whether it be whales migrating or ships moving along the coastline, and the white lines around the coastline symbolise shipping channels.

“Along the Queensland coast, I have also used a more aqua shade to show the Great Barrier Reef and the red in the centre symbolises the desert.

“Everything exists in balance and is interconnected.”

Mr Digney thanked UGL and rail equipment manufacturer Wabtec for delivering the two locos.