JELLINBAH Coal Mine in Central Queensland recently recorded the number of 100 million tonnes exported, reaching the milestone at Gladstone Ports Corporations RG Tanna Coal Terminal.

Shiploader operators watched the numbers tick over, as the 100m tonnes was loaded.

Jellinbah Group chief executive, Greg Chalmers said they were proud to reach the milestone alongside GPC.

“This is a fantastic achievement for Jellinbah East Mine which has been 31 years in the making,” Mr Chalmers said.


“We wish to thank GPC for their valued, long standing contribution to this significant milestone.”

GPC acting chief executive, Craig Walker said they were proud to have contributed to the historic achievement.

“Jellinbah has reached a very significant milestone in this past week, and I know all of GPC, from the staff that assisted with the loading to those that escorted the ship out to sea, were all proud to take part,” Mr Walker said.

The coal was exported on the capesize vessel MV Marijeannie.

“On behalf of GPC’s Board of Directors and staff, I would like to congratulate Jellinbah and thank them for their longstanding relationship with us, we look forward to celebrating many more milestones alongside them in the future,” Mr Walker said.

The Port of Gladstone posted an impressive throughput of 124m tonnes in the last financial year, surpassing Hay Point as Queensland’s largest port.

According to GPC, record levels of coal, LNG and a doubling of container trade represent “the hallmarks of GPC’s recent success”.

“As Australia’s premiere multi-commodity port, GPC remains focussed on the important priorities of growing jobs, trade and our regions prosperity into the future,” the company said in a statement.