GETTING more freight on to rail is a key theme of the Port of Melbourne 30-year Port Development Strategy 2050 that has this week been released for consultation.

Chief executive Brendan Bourke said the 2050 PDS was a roadmap for future development and outlined 10 key projects to improve capacity, honing in on rail.

“The port’s plan for rail terminals supports the Government’s intention to move more freight on rail. We are working with the Government to progress this project,” Mr Bourke said.

“Moving containers by rail will help get trucks off local roads, particularly in the inner-west of Melbourne.”

Mr Bourke said the community increasingly relied on the port to deliver good needed to support their daily lives.

“We are committed to investing in the Port to ensure it remains the premier port in Australia, a cornerstone of the Victorian economy, and to move goods in and out of the port to their destination more quickly,” he said.

The 2050 PDS provides a framework for the next 30 years, yet proponents say it is also flexible to respond to industry trends and innovation.

“We will continue to refine the 2050 PDS as new and additional information becomes available and will refresh the document every five years,” Mr Bourke said.

The 2050 PDS has been developed together with industry, key stakeholders and the community, with 190 stakeholders participating in shaping its development.