INDUSTRY body the Civil Contractors Federation has criticised Infrastructure Australia for what they say is the omission of South Australia’s worst roads from the list of high priority projects.

IA released its priority document last week and the CCF is concerned such omissions will cause a lack of funding in South Australia.

“The fact is that of the eight projects on Infrastructure Australia’s updated high priority list, none were earmarked for SA,” CCF (SA) chief executive Phil Sutherland said.

“Of the next category, priority projects, only three of the 10 listed were for SA. Of the 29 high priority initiatives, there were none identified for SA.  Of the 74 priority initiatives, only 7 were ear marked for SA.”


Mr Sutherland said South Australians and the state’s political and business sectors should feel “cheated and flabbergasted” that not even the North-South corridor project across metropolitan Adelaide was seen as a high priority.

“Adelaide is the only capital city in Australia with an incomplete freeway running across its heart,” he said. “The state was proclaimed 170 years ago. What is going on? Why are South Australians treated with such contempt when it comes to getting better roads?”