PROPONENTS of the Wayfinder: Supply Chain Careers for Women concept say Coles and Pacific National have signed on as new sponsors.

Coles, as most Australians know, is a big supermarket chain and Pacific National is Australia’s largest private rail freight operator.

They join 13 of Australia’s major industry groups in sponsoring the Wayfinder: Supply Chain Careers for Women initiative which is working to foster a diverse and future ready talent pipeline.  

“Gender diversity is important for all industry groups, it contributes to the variety of perspectives, backgrounds and experience so important for 21st century businesses,” said Wayfinder co-chair Dr Hermione Parsons.


“While there has been a 58% growth in employment in the supply chain workforce over the last five years, only 14% are women.”

Dr Parsons said Wayfinder was designed to improve diversity and the participation of women in the supply chain workforce.

“Wayfinder recognises that gender diversity is an issue that no single organisation can solve alone,” she said. “As freight volumes and supply chain complexity increase, companies recognise that increasing diversity in their teams translates directly to success.”