TOLL Group officially opened a new office in Belgium last month.

Toll Group said it had been present in the country since 2009, serving customers through its office in the Netherlands.

The Toll office is located at Schaliënhoevedreef 20T, B- 2800 in Mechelen, within the business district and in proximity to Antwerp and Brussels and their main sea and airports.

Toll Group vice-president Arjan-Olivir van der Woning said, “Belgium is a growth market where we want to increase commercial and operational activities to support our customers. The port of Antwerp-Bruges is one of the main ports servicing Europe. It’s also a gateway for Belgian companies developing regionally and globally and international companies servicing the Belgium market.”

Toll Group executive vice-president EMEA Steve Whittingham said, “I’m pleased to expand our service offering to our customers with our new team in Belgium. Our team brings a deep understanding of local legislation, trade, and the market, as well as knowledge of the Belgian culture and languages – both Flemish and French – and are passionate about contributing to customer success.”