AN INCREASE in volumes at Victoria International Container Terminal has led to the company extending landside operating hours.

This follows a trial period and consultation with transport companies.

“The allocation of new resources means that VICT is able to structurally implement this extension, therefore further improving Landside operations for our customers,” VICT said in a statement to customers.

Starting 6am Sunday, VICT is to effectively remain open seven days a week, closing only in the hours between 2pm Saturday and 6am Sunday.


“We will continue to monitor slot utilisation over these extended opening hours and encourage all transport carriers visiting VICT to make good use of off-peak slots in order to keep operations moving with maximum efficiency,” VICT said in a statement.

Container Transport Alliance Australia director Neil Chambers said he encouraged transport operators to embrace the additional night shift operations at VICT.

“We will also continue to work with VICT to address vehicle booking slot availability to maximise landside truck utilisation rates, while also trying to keep truck turnaround times at consistent levels,” Mr Chambers said.