LINX Cargo Care Group has announced the creation of a virtual reality safety training platform in collaboration with technology business Curiious and Samsung Electronics Australia.

The Gear VR platform is said to be the first of its kind in the Australian supply chain and logistics sector and is to be rolled out in April.

LINX CCG chief executive Anthony Jones spoke about his passion for safety.

“Virtual reality training will enable us to immerse all our people in diverse situations and expose them to critical risks in our hazardous work environment,” Mr Jones said.


LINX CCG executive general manager health, safety and environment Peter Seaman said the Gear VR platform enabled them to deliver consistent safety training.

“Often some of the messages are lost in translation in safety training and delivered in different ways, whereas this Gear VR platform minimises room for miscommunication,” Mr Seaman said. 

Mr Jones said VR immersion was a powerful tool.

“To put people into different situations where they have the chance to see how it would play out and to immerse them in a scenario, showing them real dangers and consequences, is invaluable,” he said.

Curiious general manager Michelle Schuberg said the immersive Gear VR technology would enhance LINX CCG’s approach to safety. 

“For LINX CCG, the platform’s end goal is to help deliver their ‘home safely every day’ promise,” she said. 

Technology giant Samsung Electronics Australia helped bring the platform to life by supplying the hardware.

SEA head of strategic partnerships Martin Brown said LINX CCG had provided “a new perspective” for this type of training.

“Through our collaboration with Curiious and LINX Cargo Care Group, we have been able to deliver a fresh perspective for how our Gear VR technology can help provide effective training programs that will ultimately contribute to a safe work environment,” Mr Brown said.

Mr Jones said Gear VR was is just one aspect of many innovations being explored to increase business flexibility. “We want to be known as innovators and an agile organisation,” he said.