TEAMS from LCR Group and Qube worked together recently to transport wind turbine components from the Port of Brisbane to the Coopers Gap Wind Farm.

The Coopers Gap Wind Farm is about 250km north-west of Brisbane and is expected to become Australia’s largest wind farm when fully commissioned.


When complete, Coopers Gap Wind Farm will have a total generation capacity of up to 453 megawatts (607,000 hp) and annually, 1.50m megawatt-hours of energy – powering about 264,000 average Australian homes.

The wind farm is to consist of 123 turbines extending across a series of ridgelines. The LCR 350 tonne mobile crane loaded the 100-tonne nacelle onto a Qube 7 x 8 platform trailer.

Image: Qube

The LCR 280-tonne and 200-tonne crawler cranes dual lifted the 60-tonne tower section onto a Qube 7 x 8 platform trailer.

“A well-coordinated operation resulted in the efficient and timely delivery of these key components to the Coopers Gap Wind Farm,” a Qube spokesperson said.