WISETECH Global has announced the acquisition of Xware, a prominent Swedish messaging integration solutions provider.

Xware’s messaging solution, xTrade, is designed to link organisations to their suppliers and partners, allowing them to share information securely.

Xware products are also used in the integration of complex applications in specialised sectors such as defence.

Xware customers include the Swedish Armed Forces, CGI and Greencarrier Freight Services, and other organisations across the logistics, IT, and healthcare sectors.

WiseTech Global founder and chief executive Richard White said welcomed the Xware team “into the WiseTech family”.

“We are acquiring Xware to enhance our messaging gateway and ensure we have greater control over the future development, quality and scalability of this key messaging technology,” Mr White said.

“This is part of our digital straight-through processing strategy to accelerate adoption, reduce risks and costs and encourage wider digitisation within the logistics industry.”

This adjacency acquisition will also expand our innovation resources, deliver benefits to our Mr White said Xware would play a part in the CargoWise Nexus platform, currently in development.

“Our CargoWise engines, services and systems are designed with a global schema, utilising workflows, automations, trigger events, exception-led transactions, robotics and guided decision-making tools to deliver essential platforms and applications,” Mr White said.

Xware managing director Jonas Ericsson, said joining the WiseTech Global group brought Xware to a new phase with extensive new technical and commercial opportunities.

“While we remain committed to delivering the best messaging integration solutions to our customers across Sweden and their ongoing support, we will now be able to help more organisations who operate outside the Nordics,” Mr Ericson said. Xware is to remain under the leadership of Jonas Ericsson and founder, Anders Lyckosköld.