MITSUI O.S.K. Lines and Rio Tinto have extended a partnership on crew welfare to also include decarbonisation.

MOL announced on 12 March it had signed a new partnership agreement with Rio Tinto in January, in addition to an existing commitment the Designated Owners and Operators (DOO) program.

The DOO program is a Rio Tinto initiative aimed at improving safety and crew welfare in the dry bulk industry. MOL joined the program in March last year.

The most recent agreement builds on the DOO partnership to work toward decarbonisation of shipping.

“With Rio Tinto, we will focus on improving operational and technical efficiency, as well as seeking potential collaboration in alternative shipping fuels by leveraging each other’s expertise,” MOL said in a statement.

“MOL and Rio Tinto will continue to work together on lowering GHG emissions for the ocean transportation of resources while ensuring the safety of our operations.”