RAIL freight company Aurizon has announced the name of a new crane headed for Port of Gladstone, and the local student who secured the naming rights.

Aurizon said its $10-million mobile harbour crane is on track to arrive at Port of Gladstone in the new year.

In the meantime, Aurizon tasked local school students with naming the crane.

Gladstone South State School student Kymani Ngametu won the Name the Crane competition, pitching the name Skylar as the 72-metre-high crane “touches the sky”.

Students at two Gladstone schools were asked to colour a picture of the crane and come up with a name on the entry form. Aurizon received more than 230 entries.

Kymani won a $100 voucher for herself and $1000 for her school. The winning name Skylar will appear at the base of the crane.

The runner up from Gladstone Central State School received a $50 voucher for proposing The Glad Goanna because the crane is “in Gladstone and goannas are an Australian animal”.

“The crane is a part of Aurizon’s investment into the Port of Gladstone to support the company’s growth ambitions in bulk and general freight, diversifying its portfolio beyond coal infrastructure and transport,” Aurizon said.

The company said Gladstone’s location and facilities make it an ideal connection point for import and export markets.