AUSTRALIAN Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced a shipment of 30,000 tonnes of bauxite from Tasmania’s Bell Bay Port planned for around 1 March, according to an announcement to the ASX.

The miner contracted with Qube Logistics at Bell bay for the stevedoring services and stockpiling arrangements, in conjunction with TasPorts. Monson Shipping was named as the shipping agent, and Briar Maritime provided independent ship surveys to date.

ABx chief operating officer Leon Hawker said: “We have a lot of work ahead to achieve on-time, on-specification delivery of bauxite produced and blended to our customer’s requirements. We can ship efficiently from Bell Bay Port – an all-weather, 24/7 export port that can operate to high standards and good loading rates all year round.”

ABx marketing manager Paul Glover said the company’s bauxite was blended specifically to suit the cement-grade bauxite customer.

“It is very clean bauxite due to efficient processing at the mine and careful transport pit to port,” he said.