BUNDABERG businesses and locals have received a preview of upcoming key projects, opportunities and operations for the city’s port.

During a recent business and community briefing, port officials outlined the draft 50-year Port of Bundaberg Precinct plan, its support of community investment, and development projects to provide for future generations.

Transport minister Mark Bailey said it was an opportune moment for locals and businesses to get involved in Bundaberg’s publicly-owned port.

“Last year we saw increases in trade with throughput for molasses increase by 32,000 tonnes, sugar by 30,000 tonnes and gypsum by 6,000 tonnes,” Mr Bailey said.

“Recent agreements with STL and Australian Bauxite Limited demonstrate a strategic vision to grow investment and trade at the port.

“The fact throughput has more than doubled at the port to more than 500,000 tonnes a year in the past decade shows the port is delivering on that vision.”

GPC Port of Bundaberg manager Jason Pascoe talked of opportunities through diversification.

“We are on the verge of unprecedented opportunity, since GPC became responsible for the Port of Bundaberg in 2009, throughput has more than doubled to more than 550,000 tonnes a year,” Mr Pascoe said.

“We achieved this by diversifying trade, investing in infrastructure and working alongside local councils and industry.

“Our continued commitment to the Bundaberg and Wide Bay regions is helped along by our invaluable community support, allowing us to grow with domestic trends and global shifts.

“We value the opportunity to engage with our community around our key development and investment opportunities, having the setting to share and discuss our vision for the port. GPC is to hold its next Port of Bundaberg Update in 2020, with more information available in the New Year.