Container trade volumes through Port Botany continue to be well above last year, according to the latest trade statistics from NSW Ports.

In April, a total of 227,555 TEU crossed the wharves at Port Botany. This is an increase of 17% on the same month last year. The port handled 194,812 TEU in April 2020.

Last month, the port’s total export volume came to 110,757 TEU, an crease of 15.5% on April 2020’s numbers. Both full and empty container exports saw increases over the period. Empty exports were up 23.7% to 70,410 TEU, and full exports were 40,347 TEU.

Port Botany’s total export volume last month was 116,798 TEU, an increase of 17% on the same month last year.


The biggest containerised import commodity into Port Botany (in terms of TEU) was miscellaneous manufactured goods at 22,538 TEU. Volumes of this commodity increased last month by 36% over April 2020.

The next biggest commodity was machinery at 18,599 TEU (an increase of 28% on April 2020); followed by foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco at 12,403 TEU (up 4%); and plastic and rubber at 11,989 TEU (up 27%).

By far the biggest export out of Port Botany over April was fresh Sydney air, with 70,410 TEU. But other major export commodities included vegetable products at 6992 TEU (up 156%); paper products at 5623 TEU (down 17%); and iron, steel and other metals at 5321 TEU (down 12%).

Last month 89 containerships visited Port Botany, up from 86 the same month last year. Twenty-four of the ships that visited last month were in the 5001-6000 TEU band. 17 ships were 4001-5000 band, and 13 were in the 2001-3000 TEU band.

Total bulk liquids imported into Port Botany increased by 21% (over April 2020) to 414,063 revenue tonnes.

Port Kembla

Now moving south to Port Kembla, we find that total ro-ro volumes, measured in units, rose by 53% in April, compared with the same month last year. A total of 35,303 units crosse the wharves at Port Kembla over the month, with the vast majority of those (33.409 units) imported.

Total non-containerised cargo through Port Kembla also saw significant growth. NSW Ports reported 2.3 million revenue tonnes moved through the port in April – that is a 33.5% increase on the same month last year.

Of that total, 1.3 million revenue tonnes were imported (an increase of 47%), and 998,821 revenue tonnes were imported (an increase of 19.5%).