US-BASED Crowley Engineering Services has designed the first US tugboat that is completely electric-powered.

The design leverages an electric battery system and power-saving technology to operate in a fully electric mode, producing zero emissions.

The 82-foot-long tug is to provide 70 tonnes of bollard pull, featuring an azimuthing drive propulsion system with two 1800 kW motors and a 6 MWh battery.

The tug platform can be adjusted for alternate power capacities suitable for a standard hybrid framework.

The fully modular batteries allow for upgrades as electric technology changes.

Crowley Engineering Services vice-president Ray Martus said the design provides operates the tugboat system to continue serving ships quickly and powerfully, while reducing their environmental impact by eliminated a carbon footprint.

“This new design sets the standard for innovation by showing that sustainability and power can work together seamlessly in our maritime industries,” he said.