THE DEPARTMENT of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has commenced a review of the Wheat Port Code of Conduct and has invited stakeholders to have their say.

The Wheat Port Code regulates the conduct of port terminal service providers and aims to ensure that exporters of bulk wheat have fair and transparent access to port terminal services.

Deputy secretary for agriculture, fisheries and forestry policy Rosemary Deininger said the code is scheduled to be repealed on 1 October 2024 and the review would assess whether the code is still fit-for-purpose.

“The outcomes of the review will allow us to make a recommendation to the government about the future of the code – whether it should remain as is, be amended or be allowed to sunset,” Ms Deininger said.

“We want to ensure that wheat producers, exporters and port terminal service providers all continue to benefit from the code.”

Australia has a reputation as a supplier of high-quality grains. In 2022-23 wheat was Australia’s most valuable agricultural export commodity, with 32.3 million tonnes exported, valued at $16.8 billion.

“A competitive grains industry is key to government’s vision for a strong, dynamic and prosperous agricultural sector,” Ms Deininger said.

“A Wheat Port Code that is fit-for-purpose will help to ensure the prosperity of our grains industry.

“The review is a great opportunity to ensure the code serves our wheat industry now and into the future.”