DEPUTY Prime Minister and minister for infrastructure, transport and regional development Michael McCormack said International Women’s Day – the global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – is an opportunity to celebrate the women around us and their achievements which help shape our nation.

Captain Jeanine Drummond was appointed to the AMSA Board in November of last year.

“Today we recognise Captain Drummond’s impressive global experience across shipping and leadership roles, which will complement and enhance the AMSA Board’s collective maritime and governance expertise,” Mr McCormack said.

“Captain Drummond is a strong, up-and-coming leader in the maritime sector and continues to support female representation in a historically male-dominated industry. In 2018, she was the inaugural recipient of the Australian Shipping and Maritime Industry Women in Shipping and Logistics Award.”

Ms Drummond said that, having started her maritime career as an Australian seafarer, it was an absolute honour to have been appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister to AMSA’s Board.

“Having worked across a variety of maritime industry sectors, at sea and ashore, in Australia and overseas, I look forward to being able to contribute an often unique perspective and understanding to a range of issues – that will allow me to offer valuable input,” Ms Drummond said.

“I am particularly passionate about maritime safety, the environment and communities we operate in, seafarer welfare, and the continual evolvement of a diverse and inclusive maritime industry – one that is ready to respond to the regulatory and operational challenges of implementing wisely the next generation of evolving technologies and digitalisation, at sea and ashore.”

The deputy prime minister said Ms Drummond’s strong advocacy for gender diversity, including as a member of the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association, as well as her youthful perspective, would help shape the future of AMSA and of shipping in Australia.

“Her links to the Australian Maritime College and interest in maritime skills will support the Government and industry in responding to shared future challenges, such as ensuring a steady supply of new mariners needed to fill critical roles in Australia at sea and on land,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“Her passion for improving the wellbeing of all seafarers will be particularly important as we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19 for seafarers, while keeping our international trade moving.

“Captain Drummond is a shining example to future female leaders, providing excellent support for AMSA to deliver its primary functions for maritime safety and protection of the marine environment while being an advocate and influence for change.

“International Women’s Day 2021 campaign theme is Choose To Challenge, which stands as a reminder we all have a choice to call out gender bias and inequality. “I would also like to highlight initiatives seeking to influence positive change for women in the maritime industry, such as AMSA’s domestic and international scholarship programs which focus on developing skills and support young women entering the maritime industry.”