A PILING barge has driven the last steel pile into the Devonport riverbed to create the foundations of a new wharf.

Fifty-one piles, each between 30 and 50 metres long, have been installed since a thousand-tonne shipment of piles arrived at the port in April.  

Piling barge Rebecca Lily used an impact hammer and vibratory hammer to drive the piles in.

“We are pleased to report we have had no noise complaints over the last year,” TasPorts said.

“In addition, we have used an innovative fusion bonded epoxy coating system that will significantly enhance durability and lower ongoing maintenance costs.”

The new wharf will become part of TasPorts’ $240-million Project QuayLink in East Devonport.

TasPorts said it has completed the reclaim and dredge component of this work package creating new foundations for the new three-tiered ramp to be built by Spirit of Tasmania.

The next stage of construction involves the placement of headstocks, in situ concrete pours, the placement of planks and finally the last in situ full concrete pour of the wharf deck.

“Once the final pour has been completed the wharf infrastructure will be ready for the new Spirit of Tasmania ships’ arrival,” TasPorts said.

It said Project QuayLink represents the largest investment in port infrastructure in Tasmania in more than a quarter of a century.

It aims to secure Devonport as a tourism and freight gateway for the next 50 years.