LOCAL authorities and Toll Group staff have worked together to retrieve a forklift that fell from an operating ramp and into the water at Port of Burnie.

“Toll confirms that an incident occurred at 7am on Tuesday morning at Port Burnie where a forklift fell off the operating ramp and into the water,” a Toll spokesperson said.

“The forklift operator safely evacuated the forklift prior to impact and no injuries were sustained.

“Toll worked closely with local authorities to safely retrieve the forklift at 5.30am Wednesday.”

According to Toll, while there was a small leak from the forklift, it was contained and managed with the overseeing authorities signing off the clean-up.

“Our services have resumed operations as per our normal schedules,” the spokesperson said.

“An investigation into the incident is ongoing.”

The Victorian Reliance was able to depart despite the forklift incident. Credit: TasPorts

In a statement, port operator TasPorts said they had supported Toll to manage the incident.

“The Toll vessel Victorian Reliance II completed its unloading and departed at approximately 6:45pm [Tuesday] night,” a TasPorts spokesperson said.

“Following further assessments, the TasPorts harbour master cleared the berth for shipping operations to resume as usual.”

TasPorts and Toll have investigated the incident and WorkSafe was informed.