GLADSTONE Ports Corporation has confirmed the sacking chief executive Peter O’Sullivan.

In a statement, GPC said “a thorough and extensive investigation” of concerns raised last year about the conduct of Gladstone Ports Corporation’s had been done and the board made the decision to terminate Mr Peter O’Sullivan’s tenure as CEO.

GPC said it would “immediately start a merit-based search for GPC’s new leader”.

According to GPC, Mr O’Sullivan was suspended on 13 December last year, on full pay, and had no involvement with the operations of the port since.

According to GPC, the complaint related to Mr O’Sullivan’s role in a staff disciplinary matter.


Newspaper reports in Queensland have indicated Mr O’Sullivan is considering his legal options, however these could not be independently verified by DCN.

Craig Walker is continuing as the acting chief executive.

“As an active and significant contributor to the QLD and Gladstone community and economy, the focus of GPC’s employees remain on the running of a safe and busy port to ensure we deliver sustainable economic growth and social prosperity for our region,” GPC stated.

Mr O’Sullivan,a former Labor candidate for the state seat of Gladstone, took over the role of CEO in July 2016.

A law graduate from the University of New England, in more recent time he has had extensive experience in the dredging sector.