A NEW import, storage and distribution facility has been approved for construction at Glebe Island in Sydney Harbour.

The Port Authority of New South Wales’ planned Multi-User Facility is aimed at meeting demand for concrete and construction materials, supporting infrastructure projects such as Sydney Metro, WestConnex and Western Harbour Tunnel.

Glebe Island and White Bay provide the only deep‑water wharves for commercial dry bulk materials shipping in the harbour.


In a statement, Port Authority of New South Wales said there was “a crucial need for Sydney to import critical dry bulk construction materials for concrete production, due to the depletion of local sand supplies in Sydney and the need to meet the increasing demand for these materials in the inner city”.

“This will help service the demands of the NSW Government’s commitment to deliver $93 billion of infrastructure projects for at least the next 10 years,” PA NSW stated.

The port’s berths are said to provide a low-cost, low-impact and sustainable way to bring in dry bulk construction material. Importing materials by ship is expected to cut truck movements on roads in parts of Sydney.