THE QUEENSLAND government has announced a further $30 million in funding for the Cairns Marine Precinct, completing final funding requirements for a 5000-tonne ship lift at the common user facility.

The $360-million ship lift would allow ships of up to 120 metres in length to be repaired and maintained on three hardstand areas.

Treasurer Cameron Dick said the new common user facility would allow more and larger ships to be repaired, overhauled or maintained in the far north.

“As a location, Cairns is already the leading region for marine and defence maintenance, and this expansion adds to its importance in delivering for these industries,” he said.

The common user facility is being developed with two climate-controlled sheds allowing for 24-hour operation of blasting and painting vessels.

It will also feature a Self-Propelled Modular Transporter, a platform heavy hauler that allows the manoeuvre of large vessels from the ship lift to the sheds and the three hard stand areas.

The project will also include more capacity for wet berths to allow for additional in-water maintenance.

Cairns MP Michael Healy said the expansion to the Cairns Marine Precinct would capture more and larger maritime and defence contracts, boosting the local economy and jobs.

“A project that meets demand, attracts contracts, and supports more than 4600 jobs is a big win for Cairns,” he said.

“Since the detailed business case was completed, important work has continued including site testing and progressing development approvals, as well as development of the delivery model and construction timeline.

“The Federal government’s further investment is very welcome, and coupled with our additional funding, will ensure the Common User Facility is a world-leader in its field.”