A LOG carrier that lost power at the entrance to Port of Tauranga today was moved to deeper water in the shipping channel and away from land.

The vessel Funing drifted to the edge of the channel at the base of Mauao after its engines failed about 12.30am NZ time today.

“The vessel is believed to have made contact with a marker buoy in the channel so divers are on the way to check the Funing’s propeller and rudder before any attempt is made to restart its engines,” port management said in a statement.

The ship’s hull remained intact and there was no pollution.


About 20 crew members and two Port of Tauranga pilots remain on board and there are no reported injuries.

The ship is being held by two anchors and two Port of Tauranga tug boats are on scene.

Weather and sea conditions are reported to be improving.

Shipping was suspended at Port of Tauranga for a time before being reopened.

A Port of Tauranga spokesperson said Maritime NZ was investigating the incident and the Funing would not return to port until authorities gave permission.

Port of Tauranga pilots disembarked the vessel and tug boat support was no longer required.