THE NATIONAL Transport Research Organisation for Australia and New Zealand has appointed Jason Sprott to the role of executive director (ports & airports).

Mr Sprott’s background is in environmental planning, corporate sustainability and major projects.

He has spent 21 years in the Australian ports industry, including 10 years at the Port of Brisbane as manager of strategy and planning.

Mr Sprott’s time with PBPL coincided with the port expansion phase, introduction of the third stevedore and extensive industrial and semi-commercial development, according to NTRO.

He said the chance to now lead NTRO’s ports and airports portfolio is “a great privilege”.

“We have incredible talent within this organisation and an amazing opportunity to become world leaders across a number of disciplines including pavement science, asset management, energy and fuel transition, automation, sustainable materials, corporate ESG, master planning and green supply chain corridors,” Mr Sprott said.

“The reality is all modes of transport must work together to realise substantial economic, social and environmental benefits and that’s exactly what the NTRO is striving to achieve in partnership with the fantastic people within the port and airport sectors.

“Our ports and airports connect our nation, and connect us to the world – city or regional, big or small, they all play an incredibly important role.”

Over the past 11 years Mr Sprott has managed a private practice specialising in master planning, environmental management, major project approvals, sustainability, and corporate advisory work with private sector and government clients.

During this time, he was involved in drafting national industry guidelines covering master planning, supply chain protection, dredging and sustainability, NTRO said.

He was also engaged by both Commonwealth and state governments in policy fields relating to sustainable coastal development and network planning.

NTRO describes itself as an independent source of research and innovation for the future of transport, offering expert transport knowledge for decision-makers in the public and private sectors across ports, road, rail and airports in Australia and New Zealand.