A CLOUD-based terminal-operating system is being rolled out that aims to help terminal customers – shipping lines, truckers and cargo owners – time and money.

WW Solutions’ iTOMS system has already been implemented at MIRRAT and Southampton in the UK, and is now being introduced in Baltimore, Zeebrugge, Bremerhaven, Brunswick and Port Hueneme by the end of this year.

The system provides terminal teams with real-time information with the accessibility of a smartphone.

The system’s configurable dashboards allow terminal customers to securely access a real-time view of their terminal activity and truckers are able to see gate information and can be notified when their cargo is ready to be picked up.


WW Solutions global head of terminals and stevedoring operations Brett Bennett said technology is accelerating at a tremendous pace.

“Our customers and suppliers expect the latest technology – just as we are all immersed in technology in our personal lives,” he said.

“The pace of change will only increase. The value to the business is tremendous and in many cases, the return can be swift.”

Further phases of the rollout will see new iTOMS modules introduced in terminals around the world as well as the implementation of auto-positioning technology like GPS, RFID and Bluetooth to the system. “This will help to further increase the efficiency and value we offer our customers,” Mr Bennett said.