SOUTH Pacific International Container Terminal in Lae, Papua New Guinea has acquired two new Mitsui hybrid rubber-tyred gantries.

The terminal, operated by International Container Terminal Services South Pacific, has been ramping up its operations, with two new ship-to-shore cranes delivered in December last year. The cranes are the largest port equipment in PNG.

The new RTGs are powered by a combination of a diesel engine and a lithium-ion battery.

SPICT said the Mitsui hybrids would contribute to more efficient landside operation resulting in faster turnaround time for outside trucks.

Additionally, the hybrid mechanism helps reduce the terminal’s greenhouse gas emissions.

ICTIS South Pacific CEO Robert Maxwell said: “The receipt of two electric STS cranes for the berth was the first big step of our terminal decarbonisation journey, and we are very excited to receive these hybrid RTG cranes, which show SPICT’s ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint from yard operations.”

In addition to operating SPICT in Lae, ICTSI South Pacific also operates the Motukea International Terminal in Port Moresby.