PORT Authority of New South Wales is on the lookout for the role of Sydney harbour master.

The role of the harbour master ensures the “safe and efficient” navigation of all commercial vessels within Sydney Harbour and Port Botany.

Across both ports, the harbour master is responsible for setting safety regulations and directions to shipping, ensuring the safe provision of marine pilotage services and directing resources and personnel in response to maritime emergencies.

The Sydney harbour master role was previously held by Captain Philip Holliday before his appointment as chief executive of Port Authority of NSW.


“This is one of the most prestigious civilian maritime positions in Australia, if not the world,” Captain Holliday said.

“Sydney Harbour and Port Botany are two of Australia’s key gateways to the world, contributing billions to our economy and vital on a local, regional and national level.

“After eight years as Sydney harbour master myself, I can attest to the challenging nature of this role but also the unparalleled satisfaction of working with some of the best marine operations professionals in Australia.”

Captain Holliday said they were looking for a talented maritime professional “at the top of their game” to join the Port Authority.

Applicants require a formal Master Class 1 qualification, or equivalent, with expert ship handling knowledge, extensive command time or broad marine pilotage experience.

The right candidate must also have management experience. Port Authority of New South Wales can be contacted for more information.