PILBARA Ports is hosting its Safe Ships Safe Ports Forum with delegates from around the world coming to Perth to improve maritime efficiency and safety.

The two-day forum includes presentations from marine, resource and logistics sector experts, Q&A sessions and networking events.

Pilbara Ports CEO Samuel McSkimming opened the event and said the primary goal of the forum was to collaboratively reduce safety risks in the maritime industry.

“Injuries are often preventable with the right leadership and culture. By holding this forum, we hope to improve outcomes across the industry and reduce the risk of workplace injury,” Mr McSkimming said.

“By working together, we can understand challenges experienced in all areas of the industry and collaborate on solutions. Safe, reliable and efficient operations keep our ports going, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers and deliver economic benefit back to the state.”

Mr McSkimming said: “Our industry is global by nature so to have an opportunity to all come together for a common goal is fantastic to see, particularly for those who share our commitment to making our workplace safer and more inclusive”.