PILOTAGE services providers in Victoria must be registered with Ports Victoria starting Wednesday 1 March.

A statement from Ports Victoria said all existing services providers that were registered with Safe Transport Victoria are automatically registered.

Ports Victoria said new licence applicants must now apply to Ports Victoria and be assessed against requirements in its new Pilotage Services Providers Standard.

The standard intends to provide a “consistent framework for the delivery of safe and effective pilotage services”.

Ports Victoria said it would work collaboratively with pilotage services providers to implement and maintain compliance with the standard.

Ports Victoria CEO Brendan Webb said this is the first comprehensive pilotage standard for Victoria.

“It builds on best practice and will provide consistency of services and enhance navigational safety in Victoria,” he said.

“We are at the start of a 12-month transition. We intend to make compliance with the standard a licence condition from 1 March 2024 and, during the transition period, we will work with the PSPs on the requirement.”