CYCLONES, tsunamis and earthquakes and their impact on ports will form a key part of a seminar in the Tasmanian capital of Hobart.

Organised by Permanent International Association of Navigational Congresses (PIANC), the event is to be held on September 9 and 10 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor.

PIANC’s Dr Mary O’Connell said as island nations in a globalised trading world, Australia and New Zealand relied heavily on our sea ports for connectivity, commerce, energy and community prosperity.

“Natural disasters and human-created crises pose a significant threat to the operation of our ports and harbours,” Dr O’Connell said.


“PIANC Australia & New Zealand has developed a captivating two-day seminar program that addresses crisis management and natural disaster response in ports and harbours with seventeen eminent Australian, New Zealand and international speakers.”

Dr O’Connell said recent experiences in managing and preparing such events had provided important lessons for the broader port and logistics community.

At the PIANC seminar in Hobart, speakers are to share experiences, challenges and impacts faced and solutions they found.

Key topics include:

  • Hurricane / cyclone / tsunami / earthquake / fires – impacts on ports, harbours and coasts
  • Government planning and approach to disaster risk reduction
  • Insurance of coastal and port infrastructure
  • Prevention versus recovery – the perspective of the first response agencies
  • Climate change and the importance of preparedness for extreme events.

“The Hobart seminar provides an opportunity to learn from those that have experienced extreme events and allow attendees to take the benefit of their experience and be better prepared,” Dr O’Connell said.

PIANC can be contacted for more information.