EIGHTEEN 40-foot high cube containers have been used as the basis for a new workshop at Lyttelton Port, New Zealand.

Logistics company Royal Wolf supplied 30 containers for the project, with the 18 cube containers used for the sides of the workshop.

The shelter, made by SmartShelters New Zealand, was said to have provided a workable undercover workshop for Christchurch’s Lyttelton Port Company and its Kone straddle cranes.

SmartShelters’ sales manager Harvey Cottle said the containers were a quick and cost-effective method of forming solid side walls.


“In the case of Lyttelton Port Company the nature of the port location meant that typical building foundations were not an option,” Mr Cottle said.

“The container subframe supplied by Royal Wolf enabled a fast and cost-effective build on a difficult site to create a large-scale covered workshop for these giant cranes.”

Mr Cottle said while the Lyttleton Port project was large, the company had built shelters up to 43m wide and 150m long.

“We have 100 years of experience in shelter protection systems and have created some of New Zealand’s largest spans,” he said.

“We use the world’s toughest coverings, have the best technical features available on the market, and products like shipping containers help us to construct something that protects a company’s valuable assets and ultimately helps them grow their business.”