GLADSTONE Ports Corporation has this week launched its first mental health strategy.

GPC health and wellbeing superintendent Sandy Dunne said the launch was the culmination of months of collaboration from around the business.

“This five year strategy demonstrates GPC’s commitment to ensuring a psychologically safe workplace for employees,” Ms Dunne said.

“We’ve worked closely with different parts of the business to create the first strategy, with the full support of our executive leadership team and board, and I’m so proud to see it launched to the entire workforce.”

The mental health strategy describes GPC’s approach and priorities for ensuring a safe workplace and includes initiatives such as mental health focus groups, mental health first aider programs, employee wellness programs and a range of training and support services.

GPC CEO Craig Haymes simply said the company’s employees are its greatest asset.

“Without our employees there is no GPC – their safety, health and wellbeing is our top priority,” Mr Haymes said.

“The Mental Health Strategy for GPC provides an integrated approach to protect the mental health of employees, promote psychological safety and wellbeing, support employees with mental health conditions, and it also explores the issue of Domestic Family Violence and prevention and support for those that may be affected.”

GPC said it hopes the launch of their first strategy will support their workforce and make a positive impact to their working and home lives.