IN January of this year, Pilabara Ports Authority imported a total monthly throughput of 55.7m tonnes a dip of less than 1% from January 2018.

Pilabara Ports also saw a marginal decrease in the 2018-19 throughput for the year, which totalled to 405.4m tonnes, compared to the previous year.

Port Hedland saw a 1% increase from January 2018 in this past January’s throughput of 42.2m tonnes, 98.8% of which was iron ore exports. However, the port recorded an 18% decrease in throughput compared to this time last year.


Port of Dampier calculated a 9% decrease in total monthly throughput from January 2018, recording 12.5m tonnes this past January.

Port of Dampier made strides from last year, gaining 110,000 tonnes in imports for the month, a 39% increase compared to January 2018.