KANGAROO Island Plantation Timbers has announced the final stage in its development application for Kangaroo Island Seaport has been completed.

The company says its “formal response document” addresses issues raised by government agencies and the community, however opponents of the concept remain determined to ensure it does not become reality.

Shares in KIPT are in a trading halt, upon a request of the company.

According to KIPT, “the company has sought to listen to the community and to respond positively and constructively to every comment, so that the project delivers the greatest possible benefits to the community with the least possible environmental effects”.


“The company thanks all those who took the trouble to make a submission, whether supportive or otherwise,” a KIPT statement read.

Yumbah Kangaroo Island general manager David Connell is among those opposed to the concept and in a statement issued Tuesday afternoon, he confirmed his stance had not changed.

“While KPT continues to claim Yumbah’s concerns about the evolving seaport proposal have been addressed, we know that as soon as construction begins it will be the beginning of the end of our Smith Bay business,” Mr Connell said. “Australia is in a state-of-emergency and this was always a high-risk project. KPT’s loss of 95% of its plantations was one thing [during bushfires], the economic impact of COVID-19 is another. There is no case for this project.”