QUBE and the Maritime Union of Australia have reached an agreement that is to end their dispute in Fremantle.

The dispute in Fremantle had been winding down for some weeks, with the MUA calling off industrial action when the federal government signalled it would intervene on the grounds that the industrial action was damaging the economy.

Qube Ports director Michael Sousa said, “We are pleased that we have reached agreement with the MUA and we welcome the return to normal operating conditions”.

The agreement maintains the final allocation of shifts at 1600 the previous day, but draft rosters are to be issued at 1400.

“Keeping our stevedore operations active at the Port of Fremantle was our highest priority and we thank our customers who have worked alongside us throughout this period of time,” Mr Sousa said.

The last stage of the process will see the MUA members vote on the deal prior to the agreement being ratified by the Fair Work Commission.

The MUA did not respond to a request for comment.