MID West Ports Authority’s navigation beacon remediation project is well underway after some initial delays caused by Cyclone Seroja.

The cyclone blew through the region in mid-April, causing much damage nearby, but largely sparing Geraldton and the port.

MWPA acting CEO Damian Tully said April has seen the practical completion of maintenance works on three of the seventeen navigational beacons.

“The site of the platform Margaret in our bay has generated considerable interest in the community. You will notice there is a crawler crane situated on top of the platform. This is to assist with all the heavy lifting required in the refurbishment of the beacons. There is also a tug and underwater divers working alongside,” Mr Tully said.

“Navigational beacons are considered critical infrastructure for safe port operations. The existing beacons were installed new in 2003 and this is their first major maintenance upgrade.”

Marine pilots use navigational beacons as aids in transiting a vessel into and out of the harbour.

The beacons provide visual references for the pilots and are of particular importance when transiting through the bend in the channel on approach to Geraldton harbour.

The beacons are located in such a manner that allow the pilots to line up one set of beacons for initial positioning and then a subsequent set, providing safe passage through this area.

MWPA said the beacon remediation works will continue for up to another eight weeks.