AFTER almost half a century of operations, the life of the old Port Hedland Shipping Control Tower has come to an end.

The old tower, which, according to Pilbara Ports Authority, could no longer meet the needs of the port, was brought down in a “controlled environment” recently.

The tower was built in 1968 but was reportedly becoming increasingly confined for operational staff and was unable to be upgraded.

PPA engineering and infrastructure and marine operations teams worked with contractors McMahon Services and WGA Engineering to ensure the felling of the Tower occurred smoothly and safely.

“Pilbara Ports Authority is pleased to report that no harm or injury was sustained by its staff or contractors before, during or after the felling,” the operator said in a statement.


Shipping operations are now controlled in the new more modern Hedland Tower – Integrated Marine Operations Centre, which was officially opened on 30 July this year.

The Hedland Tower houses vessel traffic control systems, equipment and emergency response facilities that are expected to steer the safe and efficient movement of ships through the harbour for the next 50 years.