SHIPS in the ports of New South Wales are to show their support for the world’s workers on Friday 1 May by sounding their horns for International Worker’s Day.

According to Port Authority of NSW, up to 28 big commercial ships, as well as many of the ports’ regular working vessels, are to join vessels around the world as they make a noise in solidarity for seafarers and other workers at noon. 

There are over 1.6m seafarers globally and their work helps keep countries supplied.

Their work is particularly relevant during the pandemic.

While ships horns are usually only used in accordance with internationally agreed rules to ensure safe navigation and prevent collisions, this Friday they are to remind us of the immeasurable contribution seafarers make to all our lives.


International Workers Day, also known as Workers Day, May Day and Labour Day, is an annual event that acknowledges and celebrates the contribution made by workers worldwide.

This year, the International Chamber of Shipping and its global network of national member associations, along with seafarer unions of the International Transport Workers Federation have called on the world’s ships and seafarers to join the celebrations.

DCN has previously reported on plans for loud horns to be heard at Newcastle.