CONTAINER throughput at the Port of Townsville reached almost 5000 TEU in July, falling short of the year’s high of 5920 that was achieved in February, but almost double that of June’s throughput. Through the month, a total of 4847 TEU passed through the port which was up 17% on the same month last year, and a massive 95% increase on June.

Looking at exports, full export containers played a major role in the month-to month increase, with 1831 TEU departing the port during the month, 942 TEU more than left the port in June (889 TEU). The largest export commodity for July was refined minerals and metals (1370 TEU), making up 75% of all containerised exports. The next closest was mineral, ores and concentrates (230 TEU). Empties were down slightly with 72 TEU less leaving the port during July.


Full imports also enjoyed a bump, up 315 TEU from June to 1,042 TEU. The top imported commodities were manufactured goods (444 TEU), chemicals products (254 TEU) and plant, machinery and equipments (239 TEU). During the month the port received 1,636 empty containers, a total 1178 TEU more than June.

Total tonnage through the port during the month of July was 748,756 tonnes. Of this, 75% were exports (559,927 tonnes) and 188,829 were imports. The breakdown (in tonnes) for each category was as follows:

Break Bulk
Import: 7,159
Export: 32,196
Total: 39,355                   

Import: 15,272
Export: 43,077
Total: 58,350                   

Dry Bulk
Import: 99,470
Export: 440,344
Total: 539,814                

Wet Bulk
Import: 66,929
Export: 44,308
Total: 111,237